What is Important to Create the Best e-Learning Courses?

“When it comes to e-Learning, content means everything. If e-Learning content is not masterfully designed, all the rest will just go down the drain.” – Christopher Pappas E-learning plays an important role in helping large organizations and educational institutions fulfill their learning and training requirements. Reduced production costs, ease of tracking and the obvious technological … Continue reading “What is Important to Create the Best e-Learning Courses?”

Advent of Wearable Technology in Learning & Development Industry!

Technology has brought tremendous changes in the Education and Training world. Disruptions have always had an impact on the way we learn but even to the extent of physically wearing and carrying technology; that’s mind boggling! Impact on L&D Industry Let us talk in detail about how wearable technology is shrewdly gaining importance in the … Continue reading “Advent of Wearable Technology in Learning & Development Industry!”

It’s All About Blending Well!

The World of eLearning is expanding as large number of institutes, colleges, coaching institutes and organizations are adopting online learning together with classroom teaching as their key strategy. There is a popular phenomenon that has emerged in recent days and being adopted by people called ‘Blended Learning’. For some of you who are still not … Continue reading “It’s All About Blending Well!”