Advent of Wearable Technology in Learning & Development Industry!

Technology has brought tremendous changes in the Education and Training world. Disruptions have always had an impact on the way we learn but even to the extent of physically wearing and carrying technology; that’s mind boggling!

Impact on L&D Industry

Let us talk in detail about how wearable technology is shrewdly gaining importance in the learning and development world.  We know for a fact that one of the crucial goals for trainers or instructors is to seek attention and retention of learners during the training or classroom teaching. To achieve the goal, instructors and trainers are using these wearable technology devices by creating virtual reality situations.

The advancing wearable technologies such as Google glasses, smart watches, eyewear, wristbands etc., have the potential to alter the way we learn, train, work, and implement. For instance: For a product launch by an organization, the L&D team schedules new training sessions to be given to the various teams. This will help them to get a better understanding of the product, features, and functionalities. An entire storyboard has been designed by the team with various avatars to deliver them through virtual reality situations. Once done, these training are delivered to the employees through Google glasses during in-classroom sessions.

Thus, use of these wearable technology devices will surely succeed in creating immersive learning environment, real-time support, identifying true & false assumptions, providing instant feedback on the performance and quality of content. This will also ensure that the learning and training content is updated, personalized and altered from time-to-time for the ease of learners that can be students or employees.

There are many new innovate devices that are being launched in the market. Recently, a company named Muse launched a brain-sensing headband in the market. It works by monitoring the brain signals and spot patterns. This in turn helps in tracking distracted thoughts of the individual and helps to get their focus back by sending audio prompts. This can be very useful while conducting lectures or classrooms. The headband also helps to assess how the class reacts to certain activities thus, giving real-time feedback.

As said though with technology comes the need for thought and consideration. There are certain things the instructors need to keep in mind before using wearable technologies. Firstly, they need to ensure whether the students or employees are well equipped to access such level of content and communication. After all, role of instructors or trainers is very important in implementing this technology successfully. Secondly, wearable devices are expensive and cannot be afforded by every company or institute especially in large number. Thus, there is a lot of reluctance for using these devices for training and teaching purpose.

However, with time, the price of these devices is expected to fall and awareness is expected to grow, thus encouraging the use of wearable technology devices for learning and development. Change is imperative and technology is prone to obsolescence. Thus, it will be interesting for all learning providers and education industry to see how wearable technology will progress in the coming future and what disruptions it will create.


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